About PSJL

Led by Professor Phillip Atiba Goff, UCLA’s Psychology of Social Justice Lab consists of a group of students, staff, and postdoctoral fellows who share a common interest in issues of social inequality. Through clear-eyed and rigorous psychological research, the members of PSJL are dedicated to the investigation of social disparities - from issues of racial bias in policing, to bullying of sexual minorities in schools, to the consequences of racism and sexism in intimate relationships. Working in conjunction with its sister organization, the Center for Policing Equity, the members of PSJL also have the unique opportunity to explore how such issues play out in real world settings, in the realms of public policy and the criminal justice system.

While the expression of racist attitudes has declined in the last fifty years, racial disparities continue to persist at egregious levels in every domain of society. The persistence of such inequalities is what fuels the work of Professor Goff and his team at PSJL.



Staff, Graduate Students, and Post Docs at the Annual Holiday Party